Animal Supplement & Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. (ASP) 
Currently in its 14th year since it was established, Animal Supplement & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, also known as ASP, is a leading manufacturer for animal medicine and food supplements in ASEAN. It is the only factory in Vet Products Group, the group with the sales volume at top 3 in Thailand in an animal food supplement and medical supplies business.

ASP is a manufacturer that has very strict control over the production process that is certified by international standards: ISO9001: 2008, GMP and HACCP from Department of Livestock, and GMP PICS from Food and Drug Administration. We are further determined to improve quality control with the FAMI-QS and ISO17025 standards.

ASP is committed to delivering products that are useful and better quality products to our customers. Everyday, we were determined to make a difference product by research and development  and given the differences that benefit to our customers under  the slogan “Difference for your Benefits”.


On the 26-28th January 2016, ITAC Team and ASP Team who involved in VRI Team attended to International Production & Processing Expo 2016 or IPPE 2016 at Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In the expo has many conferences topics that is about animal’s productions and performance. Many booths of machines and equipments were also showed. The expo is about poultry products

On the 8th January 2016, Dr. Winai Chaisitsanguan (D.V.M), ASP general manager and managerteam, went to Bueng Kho Hi subdistrict administrative organization (SAO), Lam Luk Ka district, Pathumthani to donate the presents for the Children’s day activity 2016.

On the 9th January 2016, Mr. Paitoon Phaetchaiyo joined the Children’s day 2016 that was organized by Bueng Kho Hi subdistrict administrative organization (SAO), Lam Luk Ka district, Pathumthani. He was also the representative who handed out the presents to the lucky children who participated in this event.

On the 23rd January 2016, ASP held a merit making ceremony at the factory following the Buddhist and Islamic ways for the blessing to ensure a good year ahead for our business. Our general manager, Dr. Winai Chaisitsanguan (D.V.M), gave a speech on the work policy and also presented the best staff awards to the staff.

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