About Us

     Currently in its 14th year since it was established, Animal Supplement & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, also known as ASP, is a leading manufacturer for animal medicine and food supplements in ASEAN. It is the only factory in Vet Products Group, the group with the sales volume at top 3 in Thailand in an animal food supplement and medical supplies business.

ASP is both a manufacturer and product developer. Currently, apart from the business in Thailand, we are also continuously expanding our business abroad, with a product range that covers all kinds of animals, standard production process and strict quality control, in order to reach a supreme level of customer satisfaction.


ASP is a manufacturer that has very strict control over the production process that is certified by international standards: ISO9001: 2008, GMP and HACCP from Department of Livestock, and GMP PICS from Food and Drug Administration. We are further determined to improve quality control with the FAMI-QS and ISO17025 standards.

        ASP manufactures products that cover the following 6 main groups: Vitamins and Mineral Premixes, Antibiotics, Enzymes, Feed Additives, Toxin Binders and Disinfectants.
               ASP is the first company specializing in animal food supplement and medical supplies to receive the coveted “Thailand Trust Mark” certification from the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. This certification helps to increase the value of products and assures that these products of Thailand are of high quality with distinctive value.

With a sustainable development policy to create a sustainable brand, we continuously develop our company according to our motto “Difference for your Benefits”, which means we create the difference for the ultimate benefit of our customers. Benefiting our customers also benefits our staff, business partners, society, community and the environment. This is our mission and it can be achieved by our cooperation and this is reflected in the design of our “ASP” logo as follows:

ASP is a short name of our company and we are the leading manufacturer in medicine and supplements for animals. The statement that is shown at the bottom of our products, “Difference for your Benefits”, is the motto of our “ASP” brand.

                The 4 “A” alphabets in the rectangle mean our determination to be the best in 4 ways which are represented by these 4 “A” alphabets in 4 directions. Each “A” has different meaning as follows:

                1. The letter A in red : A creation of international-accepted standard. This results in many certifications of ASP and we will continue to develop and improve.

                2. The letter A in dull blue : A devotion in animal care together with an academic integration in the fields of veterinary, animal science, animal nutrition, pharmacy, science, engineering and management. Together they are used to create the innovation in medicine and food supplement productions for animals and also other services to answer all our customers’ needs.

                3. The letter A letter in light blue : Innovation is the heart and innovative thinking comes from every department. Together we create various kinds of really useful and beneficial products to answer all our customers’ needs.

                4. The letter A in green : Support in the fields of livestock, fisheries and agriculture. ASP intends to serve our customers, farmers, society, communities and related parties for their sustainable growth.

Quality Policy
Aim to produce quality products with safety following the laws and regulations.
Develop our management system and personnel continuously.
To satisfy the high level to the customer.

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